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(access to Word, Excel, shared folders...)




 Paycheck Information

(use company code CCC,
username = first initial + last name)

(use client code COVEN,
username = email) 
  Please submit a ticket!

IT Care Services


Facilities Request

(computer, phones, network, etc.)  (repairs, building issues, etc.)


For security reasons, press the Windows key + L to lock the computer before you walk away from it.





 Help us improve this page. Please share your feedback with IT Department.

All staff should only access these resources for APPROPRIATE BUSINESS PURPOSES.
Only managers and providers may access Epic from home.
(for exceptions to this rule, talk to your manager)
For hourly staff it is okay to access anything on the left-hand column of applications from home / from off-site as long as it is to check your schedule / timecard / paycheck or for brief correspondence. Otherwise please do it while punched in and working.

IMPORTANT: Do not access any of these computing resources from a non-CCC computer unless you are sure that the computer you are using has working, up-to-date antivirus.
If you need assistance, please consult with CCC IT.