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 Office Links

 CCC Board Folder

 Executive Leadership Folder

 CCC Employee Policies 

 Lands End Business Outfitters

 Phone Directory (Login Required)

 Office 365 Login

 Email (Outlook)
 Office 365 (Word, Excel, SharePoint)
 Google Docs (if you have a Google  Docs account) 
 OEX USA Office Express - Supplies

 Time Card & Paycheck Information

 Business card order form

 Quality Data


Support & Helpdesk

For all facility related requests please send an email to the following address:

Ticket Creation has been moved to the IT Web Portal Page, you can get to that page by clicking on the link at the top of this page.

All staff should only access these resources for APPROPRIATE BUSINESS PURPOSES.
Only managers and providers may access Epic from home.
For hourly staff it is okay to access anything on the left-hand column of applications from home / from off-site as long as it is to check your schedule / timecard / paycheck or for brief correspondence. Otherwise, please do it while punched in and working.

IMPORTANT: Do not access any of these computing resources from a non-CCC computer unless you are sure that the computer you are using has working, up-to-date antivirus.
If you need assistance, please consult with CCC IT.

***  Help improve this page. Please share your feedback with IT Department.